Campbellford Helping CampbellFord

Christmas Assistance 2021

Application dates and information will be posted in the Fall of 2021

NOTE: we serve all people in need of help living in the K0L 1L0 postal code area.
All information will be kept private except as required to share with other charitable organizations so that help is not duplicated.

For our area, the following amounts are considered low income/poverty line (before tax):
1 person $1692/month ($20,301/annually)
2 persons $2106/month ($25,271/annually)
3 persons $2589/month ($31,068/annually)
4 persons $3144/month ($37,722/annually)
5 persons $3565/month ($42,783/annually)
6 persons $4021/month ($48,253/annually)
7 or more persons $4477/month ($53,722/annually)

For any further information you may also email